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This Year's Batch Of SHAPE-Commissioned Artists Looks Amazing

Not sure which artists to watch in 2016? This year’s list of SHAPE Platform artists is just out, and it might be the best place to start looking. Representatives of the 16 affiliated festivals (who are also members of the ICAS – International Cities of Advanced Sound network) picked 48 artists without any limitations in terms of genre, age or popularity. The selection highlights standout newcomers with an innovative approach to music and aesthetics, from post-grime experimentalists such as M.E.S.H. or KABLAM to crushing power-ambient artists such as Klara Lewis, industrial techno agitators Orphan Swords, bass clarinet improv artist Susanna Gartmayer and more. Check the full list below and get on the SHAPE platform website to meet the artists and the festivals involved.

9th Cloud & Cyril Meroni (FR)
Andi Stecher (AT)
AntiVJ (INT)
Buster Keaton (HU)
Charlotte Bendiks (NO)
Deli Gleba & Gil Delindro (PT/DE)
Erased Bodies (IT)
Gas of Latvia & Katrīna Neiburga (LV)
Heewon Lee (KR/FR)
Hyperaktivist (VE/DE)
Ignatz (BE)
iii (Instrument Inventors Initiative) (INT)
Jackson (FR)
Jakob Schneidewind (with projects Monochord or Demi Broxa) (AT)
Jonáš Gruska (SK)
Julien Bayle (FR)
Killing Sound (UK)
Klara Lewis (SE)
Kuba Ziołek (with Kapital, T’ien Lai and other projects) (PL)
Lanuk (HU)
Laura Luna (MX/CZ)
Lawrence Le Doux (BE)
L’Ocelle Mare (FR)
M.E.S.H. (DE)
Mari Kvien Brunvoll (NO)
Marta Heberle (PL)
Masayoshi Fujita (JP)
Nicolas Maigret (FR)
Nik Nowak (also with project Schockglatze) (DE)
Nonotak (FR/JP)
Orphan Swords (BE)
Orson Hentschel (DE)
Peder Mannerfelt (SE)
Piotr Kurek (also with project Heroiny) (PL)
Voiski/Polar Inertia (FR)
Primitive Art (IT)
Raze de Soare (RO)
Spatial (UK)
Stine Janvin Motland (NO)
Susanna Gartmayer (also with projects Möström or Bödenauer/Gartmayer duo) (AT)
Syracuse (FR)
TeZ (IT)
We Will Fail (PL)
Wo0 & Incredible Bob (RS)