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Ziúr Gets The Born In Flamez Remix Treatment

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Berlin producer Ziúr recently caught our attention with an insanely sick Peaches remix. Now the multi-disciplinary act has an EP that will be released on the amazing Infinite Machine label. Now you can listen to an exclusive Born In Flamez remix of the track “Fever”. The track is an exercise in deconstructed club music—not from the textbook, but way further out. It starts rather sparse and disintegrates into a fractal club jam over the course of its 4 minute runtime. The Taiga EP will be out on July 1. Check the track listing below—and listen to a track by Born In Flamez and Modeselektor here.


  1. Fever
  2. Nails
  3. Taiga
  4. Lilith feat. RIN
  5. Fever (Born In Flamez Remix)
  6. Lilith feat. RIN (Air Max ’97 Remix)