Listen To A New Mix Of Shamanic Drones And Hard-Edged Techno From Abyss X – Telekom Electronic Beats

Listen To A New Mix Of Shamanic Drones And Hard-Edged Techno From Abyss X


Because who says you can't mix Madonna, Ryuichi Sakamoto and Danish hard techno together?

Want to end your week in distinctly shamanic and mystical fashion? Then you might want to check out Abyss X‘s stunning new mix immediately.

Conceived as “an ode to the woman shaman, both ancient and contemporary”, the new mix from the Crete-raised musician is a stunning 60-minute sonic excursion that covers an immense musical breadth.

Incorporating techno, Amazonian folk, fragile ambient minimalism and deconstructed club music, Abyss X manages to weave a narrative with elements that at first seem incompatible. It makes for absolutely captivating listening, with a depth and intensity that can only come through the playful dissolution of genre boundaries.

Listen above.


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