Chilly Gonzales Live in Cologne 2019

Watch 25 minutes of footage from Chilly Gonzales' show at Roncalliplatz near Cologne's famous Kölner Dom cathedral.

When was the last time you saw crowdsurfing at a classical concert? For us it was in Cologne during Chilly Gonzales‘ show at Roncalliplatz near the city’s famous Kölner Dom.

Coincidentally, the latest exclusive video on Telekom Electronic Beats TV covers 25 minutes from that unforgettable performance (and yes, the crowdsurfing is included).

During the show, the iconic Grammy Award-winning Canadian pianist, composer and all-around entertainer treated the audience to everything from classical pieces to classics of his own making like “Take Me To Broadway” and “White Keys”. Along the way, he’s also joined on stage by Stella Lepage (cello and synthesizer), Joe Flory (drums) and vocalists Nely Allarabaye Daja, Diana Schneider and Jay Oh.

Want more Chilly Gonzales? Watch this video from when he played live at our festival in Graz.

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