Explore Techno’s New Creative Frontier With This Dekmantel Mix By object blue

Object Blue

One of the most exciting breakout artists of last year has just released a must-hear mix through Dekmantel.

Techno is evolving, and it’s being helped by a new group of producers offering fresh new perspectives. One such artist is object blue, a DJ currently based in London whose two releases in 2018—Rex and Do You Plan To End A Siege?—were among our favorites from last year. The appeal is in her approach, which mixes the sound design of techno with the disruptive creativity of so-called “experimental club” music.

Case in point is “Act like it then”, which morphs from dry techno into hybridized ballroom thanks to a clever “Ha” imitating Cardi B sample.

That same approach is also evident on her new mix for Dekmantel, which is a mesmerizing patchwork of unusual sounds and disparate genres. Listen to it below, and scroll further for the full tracklist.


  1. qebrus – Crstl Cstl
  2. Toxe – Honey Island
  3. Shelley Parker – Masonry Pier
  4. Hiro Kone – Scotch Yoke (pt. I & II)
  5. Lag – Rutra
  6. Lima – Placebo
  7. M.E.S.H. – Imperial Sewers
  8. Renick Bell – Improvise In A Pinch
  9. Logos – Atlanta 96
  10. Jeff Chandon – Mind Of The Surrounded
  11. Karima F – Random Loop From Doepfer Site
  12. Es-Q – Lunatic Fringe
  13. Laurel Halo & Hodge – Tru
  14. Ben Buitendijk – Contamination Zone
  15. Loraine James – +44 Thinking — Of — You (Hence Therefore’s Outta My Element Version)
  16. Deadboy – Nomos
  17. Violet x BLEID – toxic