Watch Björk Shapeshift Into A Jellyfish In This Psychedelic New Music Video

The sublime new visual for "tabula rasa" is the latest offering from her 2017 album, 'Utopia'.

Just when you think Björk is at her peak, she raises the bar even higher.

The Icelandic pop star has always been known to enlist the most cutting edge contemporary artists to realize her visuals, but Tobias Gremmler’s work for “tabula rasa” is definitely one of her most stunning videos to date.

Inspired by Björk’s lyrics and her album, Utopia‘s, overarching themes of the “harmonious coexistence between nature and human,” the video features undulating versions of Björk’s face and body shifting into mountains, flowers and animal forms. It’s a thrillingly psychedelic experience that proves the world’s weirdest pop star is still at the top of her game.

Watch the video above.