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This Website Uses Artificial Intelligence To Help You Make Absolutely Perfect Mash-Ups

artificial intelligence

Rave DJ will mix anything you can think of in seconds.

While science fiction still has us all immediately imagining dystopian, war against the machines-esque futures any time someone mentions artificial intelligence, its uses, at least so far, have been more amusing than apocalyptic. From writing pop albums to making casual crossfades and blends in between tracks on streaming playlists, AI has already changed the way we create and listen to music. And now it can make sick mashups.

Rave DJ is a new AI-based mashup and mix creator that allows you to source audio from anywhere on the internet. After you select several audio sources, Rave allows you to either mix two of them into a mashup or blend as many as you’d like into a custom DJ set, all from just a single click. Want to put a pop vocal on top of your favorite house instrumental? Easy. Want to go full experimental club and mix an unboxing video or ASMR audio over some beats? Done. The sky’s the limit.

Try it out for yourself here.

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