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HDMIRROR's Boiler Room Is Essential Viewing For Extreme Trance And Gabber Accelerationists


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This is truly a wild set.

Trance and gabber are both having a bit of a renaissance. One of the most interesting artists to emerge from this space is HDMIRROR.

Rather than nostalgically reference gabber and trance’s ’90s moment, HDMIRROR rips them apart. Less a deconstruction than a dismembering of dance floor tropes, his music is accelerated, extreme and disfunctional—jamming the gears of complacent listening while pushing club music’s novelty to its very limit.

HDMIRROR’s recent set for Boiler Room offers a glimpse into the intensity (and absurdity) of his live show. The hour long videos recalls what he told us when we spoke to the Berlin-based, South African-born producer last year:  “I think people forgot what newness in music actually is…I truly believe it’s possible to make something fresh, and everyone’s behaving as if you can’t.” After seeing the video above, you’ll certainly believe that there’s still room for the new.