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This 24/7 YouTube Channel Streams Algorithmic Death Metal Made By An Artificial Intelligence

artificial intelligence

Now this is metal machine music.

The singularity is here and it sounds like…technical death metal.

That’s right, having already mastered pop music, written fictional record descriptions for Hardwax, and helped countless musicians with their futuristic compositions, artificial intelligence has now conquered the art of death metal.


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It’s all thanks to Dadabots, a self-described “platform for artificial artists”. Their new project is a 24/7 YouTube livestream of neural networks generating technical death metal—described as part of their research “into eliminating humans from metal.” And as you can hear, AI does a scarily good job of emulating those jagged riffs and explosive blast beats. In fact, it might be the perfect music for the rapidly-approaching neural network dystopia.

Alongside the livestream, Dadabots has produced a number of albums that you can find at their Bandcamp.