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Golden Pudel Will Survive

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The new foundation ensures that Pudel will remain outside the "snares of private interests, speculation and market movements for good."

Hamburg club Golden Pudel has announced the creation of a new foundation that is set to ensure the longevity of the club and project room for years to come. The newly founded “Golden Pudel Stiftung” comes on the back of the club’s co-founder, Rocko Schamoni, transferring the remaining parcel of land to the foundation. This follows the successful transfer of the other half of the land to the Mara und Holger Cassens Stiftung two years ago.

The new foundation will operate as a sub-charity of the “Patriotischen Gesellschaft von 1765” and will consist of a seven-person advisory board, including Schamoni himself. In an accompanying press-release, the Golden Pudel stressed that the change will help maintain the operations of the constantly evolving space, which serves as a place for art projects, happenings and political discourse alongside its regular diverse club program:

“The possibility of a counter-culture, of a place for progressive change critical observation which is continuously and furiously working away and always remains “not for sale”—to offer this opportunity for future generations is the purpose of the Golden Pudel club and its foundation.”

Since first opening in 1994 near the fish market in the infamous St. Pauli district of Hamburg, Golden Pudel has cemented itself as one of the most vital clubs in Germany’s musical landscape. This has not been without its difficulties. In 2016, the club nearly closed due a fire in 2016, while aggressive property investment and speculation in the St. Pauli foreshore area has always been a threat to the permanent status of the club. Until now that is. Here’s a mix from Golden Pudel local and very appropriately named Good News to help celebrate: