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Erneut kreuzen sich die Wege von Modeselektor und Telekom Electronic Beats – Gernot und Szary aka Modeselektor veröffentlichen am 22. Februar endlich ihr lang ersehntes Album Who Else, über das sie im Telekom Electronic Beats Podcast mit Host Gesine Kühne sprechen. Sie erzählen, wodurch sie inspiriert werden, welchen Anspruch sie an sich und ihre Musik … Continued

We Are Modeselektor Documentary

The connection between Berlin stalwarts Modeselektor and Telekom Electronic Beats TV goes way back, though the most important collaboration to date was the acclaimed 2013 ‘WE ARE MODESELEKTOR!’ documentary. Until now only available on DVD and Blu-Ray, it can now be watched online exclusively on our channel.

Modeselektor And Born In Flamez Team Up On New Track

The Infinite Machine label has released a collaborative cut from Modeselektor and up-and-coming producer Born In Flamez. “TBF” is an improvisation that reportedly unfolded by chance, in a dark corner, in a kitchen surrounded by East German architecture—and that’s exactly what the track sounds like. Head over to XLR8R and have a listen. Meanwhile we’re … Continued

Modeselektor Says Farewell To 50Weapons On Solid Steel Radio

As you’ve probably heard by now, Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary (AKA Modeselektor) are closing down their storied 50Weapons label at the end of this year. Over Christmas, the Berlin-based duo delivered a farewell mix for Solid Steel Radio which covers a lot of musical ground, from evocative ambient to deep-sea dub techno, rowdy breakbeats and a bunch of … Continued

72h On Tour With Siriusmodeselektor (EB.TV Feature)

Get your hands dirty with the new Slices series “72 Hours On Tour With…” on Electronic Beats TV. This series does what it says on the tin: we get the intimate stories and behind the scenes action whilst on the road with some of electronic music’s finest. When Monkeytown kingpins Modeselektor teamed up with their … Continued

Stream Modeselektor’s Farewell Mix for 50Weapons

Modeselektor is calling time on its 50Weapons label, and to commemorate a decade in operation, its members—Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary—have assembled a 45-minute session for Boiler Room. “In the techno scene, especially in the ’90s, a really good track was known as a “Brett“ (editor’s note: a “plank”),” they explain. “We also used to … Continued

Modeselektor live in Poznań (2013)

Watch MODESELEKTOR perform “German Clap” and “Berlin” live and in 1080p HD video at Electronic Beats Festival in Poznań (26 April 2013) — TWITTER hashtag is #ebf13

Modeselektor live in Zagreb (2012)

Watch MODESELEKTOR perform “Black Block” and “Evil Twin” live and in 1080p HD video at Electronic Beats Festival Zagreb (26 October 2012) — TWITTER hashtag is #ebfest12

Modeselektor live in Budapest (2012)

Watch Berlin-based duo MODESELEKTOR perform ‘Pretentious Friends’, ‘Dirty Snowball’ & ‘Let Your Love Grow’ live and in 1080p HD video at Electronic Beats Festival Budapest (13 September 2012) — TWITTER hashtag is #ebfest12

Modeselektor announce Melt!Selektion, Apparat announces new Moderat

Busy days for Modeselektor: besides being on tour with their Monkeytown album and preparing the release of their second Modeselektion compilation, they’ve just been honoured with the critic’s award during Echo 2012. And now there’s even more news regarding their summer plans, since Modeselektor just announced the billing for their upcoming Melt!Selektor stage at this … Continued

Modeselektor’s new Berlin video

Modeselektor are back with another crazy new video for their track ‘Berlin’. Taken from their latest album Monkeytown, the video for ‘Berlin’ is an animated affair with a huge primate swallowing up Gernot and Szary and exploring a cardboard cut-out of the German capital. Check it out below.

Modeselektor’s brand new video for Evil Twin

The second video from irrepressible EB favourites Modeselektor has arrived! ‘Evil Twin’ features the vocal talents of American electro legend Otto von Schirach and the video is, well pretty mad. You’ve just got to take a look. It involves monkeys, fighting, body suits and a computer based alternative reality. What’s not to like?! Just dont … Continued

The Electronic Beats Radio Sessions, tonight with Modeselektor

Mixes…you gotta love ’em. It’s always great to listen to your favorite artists without having to leave your beloved couch. We’re fans of both music and couches here at Electronic Beats, which is why we’re very proud of our huge EB Radio archive. During the past years, a vast number of DJ mixes made it … Continued

Watch Modeselektor’s ‘Shipwreck’ music video

‘Shipwreck Ft. Thom Yorke‘ from Modeselektor’s latest album Monkeytown was the result of a one day studio session at Modeselektor’s bass-HQ in Berlin. One of the most striking songs on the album, the track now has a stunning video created by Tony T. Datis. Drawing inspiration from his own interpretation of the music – Datis … Continued

Listen to Modeselektor on the radio

This is a pretty monkey-heavy week: Modeselektor took over on tuesday, we had our ‘little’ office party & live stream with the Monkeytown crew and tonight Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary will be spinning records for Electronic Beats again – during the Electronic Beats Radio Sessions on Berlin’s radio station FluxFM. Make sure to … Continued

The day after: What happened at Modeselektor’s EB guerilla office party

So, let’s talk last night: We had the Modeselektor takeover of all day with Gernot and Szary sharing their current musical favourites and artists, the best ‘Ost’ dishes, their mastering studio, the greatest music videos and the alphabet according to Modeselektor. The office day finally culminated into a 150 minute guerilla office party action: … Continued

The alphabet according to Modeselektor

Listening to electronic music on an incredible sound system in the right atmosphere can be a near religious experience. Watching a DJ spin records or work a laptop, however, can get boring quick. The Berlin-based electronic duo Modeselektor are an exception to the rule. Since 2002, Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary have been creating bleeding … Continued

Modeselektor’s Favorite Things

Brown shoes and jumpsuits and caffeine – these are a few of Modeselektor‘s favorite things! The two German boys may be famed worldwide for their music, but they’re just people like you and I, and they like all kinds of stuff! Here six of those things; let’s find out a bit about them together! 1. … Continued

Modeselektor’s DJ Charts

Yeahhhhh so Modeselektor have taken charge of EB and are filling the site with their own specially selected content. As well as being label honchos and producers extraordinaire, they are also damn fine DJ’s. Take a look below and listen to the tunes of the duo’s latest DJ charts featuring Blawan, Shed and Zomby. #1 … Continued

Modeselektor’s 90s Super Selection

A ritzy, glitzy baggy trip of grainy VHS and MTV Dance classics from Modeselektor who are our guest editors on the EB website today. Heavy on the piano rolls and pop-hop posturing their selection is a populist one that takes in backwards-clothes-wearing duo Kriss Kross, Tone Loc, Snap and a dose of Hercules & Love … Continued

Modeselektor take over Electronic Beats today

Today the Electronic Beats team will be infiltrated by our favourite rabble rousing bass duo; Modeselektor. Gernot and Szary are going to be running the good ship Electronic Beats Online the whole day long and choosing all of our content and features. Expect insights from the artists on their Monkeytown and 50 Weapons roster and … Continued

Modeselektor take over Electronic Beats on October 4th

On Tuesday the 4th of October the Electronic Beats team will be infiltrated by our favourite rabble rousing bass duo; Modeselektor. Gernot and Szary are going to be running the good ship Electronic Beats Online the whole day long and choosing all of our content and features. Expect insights from the artists on their Monkeytown … Continued

Modeselektor album up for stream, EBnet takeover on October 4th

Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary are busy as bees these days. Not only are they putting out Anstam on their own record label 50 Weapons / Monkeytown, but they are also promoting their new Modeselektor album. Besides a massive world tour they just announced that they finished an ‘Essential Mix’ for BBC Radio 1 – … Continued

Hear Thom Yorke + Modeselektor

Not long to go until Monkeytown, the much awaited new album from Modeselektor arrives, and one of the worst kept secrets about the release is that Radiohead front-man Thom Yorke is going to be making a guest appearance. A long time fan of the German duo, Yorke has been making overtures towards the speaker bothering … Continued

Modeselektor open up

Details of Monkeytown the upcoming full-length album from Berlin’s own Modeselektor have finally arrived. Although the duo’s third album isn’t out until September, their blog has been very particular about how much information they want to leak. Up until now the only information has been rumour and hearsay, but Electronic Beats can now confirm what’s … Continued

Modeselektor head to Monkeytown

Modeselektor, our favourite speaker bothering sonic hooligans are to release their third full length album later this year called Monkeytown – also the name of their record label. With guest spots from Radiohead’s Thom Yorke, Miss Platinum and members of PVT, the album will “most likely” have ten tracks on it according to the Modeselektor … Continued

Modeselektor to join EB-Festival in Cologne!

On May 19 Cologne will be hosting the next Electronic Beats Festival. As previously announced, the noisy-boys dream-team of Animal Collective, the New York duo Holy Ghost!, the french men of Nouvelle Vague and DFA’s up-and-coming Planningtorock will play the massive E-Werk stage. And that’s not all: today we are very happy to announce, that … Continued


Es ist fast schon eine klischeehafte Geschichte: FJAAK, die damals noch zu viert waren (Felix Wagner, Johannes Wagner, Aaron Röbig und Kevin Kozicki) wachsen im provinziellen Spandau auf und experimentieren schon früh mit Musikproduktionen. Sie sind alle musikalisch begabt, spielen auf illegalen Raves im Wald und sollten schon bald die Berliner Dancefloors erreichen. Ihren ersten … Continued

One To Watch: Fadi Mohem

The Berlin native talks graffiti, playing the studio as an instrument and why he admires Basic Channel and Robert Hood. 

One To Watch: Fadi Mohem (Electronic Beats TV)

In this episode of our One To Watch series, you can familiarize yourself with the rising talent Fadi Mohem as his music comes sweeping through the door without compromise. Not only working as a DJ and producer, he is also a sound engineer, who has managed to capture the essence of techno with his releases … Continued