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Erneut kreuzen sich die Wege von Modeselektor und Telekom Electronic Beats – Gernot und Szary aka Modeselektor veröffentlichen am 22. Februar endlich ihr lang ersehntes Album Who Else, über das sie im Telekom Electronic Beats Podcast mit Host Gesine Kühne sprechen. Sie erzählen, wodurch sie inspiriert werden, welchen Anspruch sie an sich und ihre Musik … Continued

We Are Modeselektor Documentary

The connection between Berlin stalwarts Modeselektor and Telekom Electronic Beats TV goes way back, though the most important collaboration to date was the acclaimed 2013 ‘WE ARE MODESELEKTOR!’ documentary. Until now only available on DVD and Blu-Ray, it can now be watched online exclusively on our channel.

Modeselektor And Born In Flamez Team Up On New Track

The Infinite Machine label has released a collaborative cut from Modeselektor and up-and-coming producer Born In Flamez. “TBF” is an improvisation that reportedly unfolded by chance, in a dark corner, in a kitchen surrounded by East German architecture—and that’s exactly what the track sounds like. Head over to XLR8R and have a listen. Meanwhile we’re … Continued

Modeselektor Says Farewell To 50Weapons On Solid Steel Radio

As you’ve probably heard by now, Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary (AKA Modeselektor) are closing down their storied 50Weapons label at the end of this year. Over Christmas, the Berlin-based duo delivered a farewell mix for Solid Steel Radio which covers a lot of musical ground, from evocative ambient to deep-sea dub techno, rowdy breakbeats and a bunch of … Continued

72h On Tour With Siriusmodeselektor (EB.TV Feature)

Get your hands dirty with the new Slices series “72 Hours On Tour With…” on Electronic Beats TV. This series does what it says on the tin: we get the intimate stories and behind the scenes action whilst on the road with some of electronic music’s finest. When Monkeytown kingpins Modeselektor teamed up with their … Continued

Stream Modeselektor’s Farewell Mix for 50Weapons

Modeselektor is calling time on its 50Weapons label, and to commemorate a decade in operation, its members—Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary—have assembled a 45-minute session for Boiler Room. “In the techno scene, especially in the ’90s, a really good track was known as a “Brett“ (editor’s note: a “plank”),” they explain. “We also used to … Continued

Modeselektor live in Poznań (2013)

Watch MODESELEKTOR perform “German Clap” and “Berlin” live and in 1080p HD video at Electronic Beats Festival in Poznań (26 April 2013) — TWITTER hashtag is #ebf13

Modeselektor live in Zagreb (2012)

Watch MODESELEKTOR perform “Black Block” and “Evil Twin” live and in 1080p HD video at Electronic Beats Festival Zagreb (26 October 2012) — TWITTER hashtag is #ebfest12

Modeselektor live in Budapest (2012)

Watch Berlin-based duo MODESELEKTOR perform ‘Pretentious Friends’, ‘Dirty Snowball’ & ‘Let Your Love Grow’ live and in 1080p HD video at Electronic Beats Festival Budapest (13 September 2012) — TWITTER hashtag is #ebfest12

Modeselektor announce Melt!Selektion, Apparat announces new Moderat

Busy days for Modeselektor: besides being on tour with their Monkeytown album and preparing the release of their second Modeselektion compilation, they’ve just been honoured with the critic’s award during Echo 2012. And now there’s even more news regarding their summer plans, since Modeselektor just announced the billing for their upcoming Melt!Selektor stage at this … Continued

Modeselektor’s new Berlin video

Modeselektor are back with another crazy new video for their track ‘Berlin’. Taken from their latest album Monkeytown, the video for ‘Berlin’ is an animated affair with a huge primate swallowing up Gernot and Szary and exploring a cardboard cut-out of the German capital. Check it out below.

Modeselektor’s brand new video for Evil Twin

The second video from irrepressible EB favourites Modeselektor has arrived! ‘Evil Twin’ features the vocal talents of American electro legend Otto von Schirach and the video is, well pretty mad. You’ve just got to take a look. It involves monkeys, fighting, body suits and a computer based alternative reality. What’s not to like?! Just dont … Continued

The Electronic Beats Radio Sessions, tonight with Modeselektor

Mixes…you gotta love ’em. It’s always great to listen to your favorite artists without having to leave your beloved couch. We’re fans of both music and couches here at Electronic Beats, which is why we’re very proud of our huge EB Radio archive. During the past years, a vast number of DJ mixes made it … Continued

Watch Modeselektor’s ‘Shipwreck’ music video

‘Shipwreck Ft. Thom Yorke‘ from Modeselektor’s latest album Monkeytown was the result of a one day studio session at Modeselektor’s bass-HQ in Berlin. One of the most striking songs on the album, the track now has a stunning video created by Tony T. Datis. Drawing inspiration from his own interpretation of the music – Datis … Continued

Listen to Modeselektor on the radio

This is a pretty monkey-heavy week: Modeselektor took over on tuesday, we had our ‘little’ office party & live stream with the Monkeytown crew and tonight Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary will be spinning records for Electronic Beats again – during the Electronic Beats Radio Sessions on Berlin’s radio station FluxFM. Make sure to … Continued

The day after: What happened at Modeselektor’s EB guerilla office party

So, let’s talk last night: We had the Modeselektor takeover of all day with Gernot and Szary sharing their current musical favourites and artists, the best ‘Ost’ dishes, their mastering studio, the greatest music videos and the alphabet according to Modeselektor. The office day finally culminated into a 150 minute guerilla office party action: … Continued

The alphabet according to Modeselektor

Listening to electronic music on an incredible sound system in the right atmosphere can be a near religious experience. Watching a DJ spin records or work a laptop, however, can get boring quick. The Berlin-based electronic duo Modeselektor are an exception to the rule. Since 2002, Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary have been creating bleeding … Continued

Modeselektor’s Favorite Things

Brown shoes and jumpsuits and caffeine – these are a few of Modeselektor‘s favorite things! The two German boys may be famed worldwide for their music, but they’re just people like you and I, and they like all kinds of stuff! Here six of those things; let’s find out a bit about them together! 1. … Continued

Modeselektor’s DJ Charts

Yeahhhhh so Modeselektor have taken charge of EB and are filling the site with their own specially selected content. As well as being label honchos and producers extraordinaire, they are also damn fine DJ’s. Take a look below and listen to the tunes of the duo’s latest DJ charts featuring Blawan, Shed and Zomby. #1 … Continued

Modeselektor’s 90s Super Selection

A ritzy, glitzy baggy trip of grainy VHS and MTV Dance classics from Modeselektor who are our guest editors on the EB website today. Heavy on the piano rolls and pop-hop posturing their selection is a populist one that takes in backwards-clothes-wearing duo Kriss Kross, Tone Loc, Snap and a dose of Hercules & Love … Continued

Modeselektor take over Electronic Beats today

Today the Electronic Beats team will be infiltrated by our favourite rabble rousing bass duo; Modeselektor. Gernot and Szary are going to be running the good ship Electronic Beats Online the whole day long and choosing all of our content and features. Expect insights from the artists on their Monkeytown and 50 Weapons roster and … Continued

Modeselektor take over Electronic Beats on October 4th

On Tuesday the 4th of October the Electronic Beats team will be infiltrated by our favourite rabble rousing bass duo; Modeselektor. Gernot and Szary are going to be running the good ship Electronic Beats Online the whole day long and choosing all of our content and features. Expect insights from the artists on their Monkeytown … Continued

Modeselektor album up for stream, EBnet takeover on October 4th

Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary are busy as bees these days. Not only are they putting out Anstam on their own record label 50 Weapons / Monkeytown, but they are also promoting their new Modeselektor album. Besides a massive world tour they just announced that they finished an ‘Essential Mix’ for BBC Radio 1 – … Continued

Hear Thom Yorke + Modeselektor

Not long to go until Monkeytown, the much awaited new album from Modeselektor arrives, and one of the worst kept secrets about the release is that Radiohead front-man Thom Yorke is going to be making a guest appearance. A long time fan of the German duo, Yorke has been making overtures towards the speaker bothering … Continued

Modeselektor open up

Details of Monkeytown the upcoming full-length album from Berlin’s own Modeselektor have finally arrived. Although the duo’s third album isn’t out until September, their blog has been very particular about how much information they want to leak. Up until now the only information has been rumour and hearsay, but Electronic Beats can now confirm what’s … Continued

Modeselektor head to Monkeytown

Modeselektor, our favourite speaker bothering sonic hooligans are to release their third full length album later this year called Monkeytown – also the name of their record label. With guest spots from Radiohead’s Thom Yorke, Miss Platinum and members of PVT, the album will “most likely” have ten tracks on it according to the Modeselektor … Continued

Modeselektor to join EB-Festival in Cologne!

On May 19 Cologne will be hosting the next Electronic Beats Festival. As previously announced, the noisy-boys dream-team of Animal Collective, the New York duo Holy Ghost!, the french men of Nouvelle Vague and DFA’s up-and-coming Planningtorock will play the massive E-Werk stage. And that’s not all: today we are very happy to announce, that … Continued


Es ist fast schon eine klischeehafte Geschichte: FJAAK, die damals noch zu viert waren (Felix Wagner, Johannes Wagner, Aaron Röbig und Kevin Kozicki) wachsen im provinziellen Spandau auf und experimentieren schon früh mit Musikproduktionen. Sie sind alle musikalisch begabt, spielen auf illegalen Raves im Wald und sollten schon bald die Berliner Dancefloors erreichen. Ihren ersten … Continued

One To Watch: Fadi Mohem

The Berlin native talks graffiti, playing the studio as an instrument and why he admires Basic Channel and Robert Hood. 

One To Watch: Fadi Mohem (Electronic Beats TV)

In this episode of our One To Watch series, you can familiarize yourself with the rising talent Fadi Mohem as his music comes sweeping through the door without compromise. Not only working as a DJ and producer, he is also a sound engineer, who has managed to capture the essence of techno with his releases … Continued

Win Tickets To See Bambounou Play Our Clubnight In Stuttgart

The French DJ is touching down on April 20 for our show at White Noise. This weekend, we’re shipping out to Stuttgart for our next Telekom Electronic Beats Clubnight. And this time, we’re bringing genre-bending techno DJ Bambounou with us. A young producer who’s constantly shirking categorization, Bambounou’s playful, experimental tracks that regularly combine techno with … Continued

Moderat’s “Running” Get’s A Burning Tale Of Us Remix

The latest single from the Modeselektor/Apparat collab gets a sick club rework. In April, Berlin electronic supergroup Moderat revealed their newest album, III, followed by a baller video to the uplifiting and dreamy single “Running” in May. Now that track has been given the remix treatment by Italian tech house duo, Tale of Us. Isolating that awesome affirmation — “so I keep … Continued

Ziúr Gets The Born In Flamez Remix Treatment

Berlin producer Ziúr recently caught our attention with an insanely sick Peaches remix. Now the multi-disciplinary act has an EP that will be released on the amazing Infinite Machine label. Now you can listen to an exclusive Born In Flamez remix of the track “Fever”. The track is an exercise in deconstructed club music—not from … Continued

A Giant, Decapitated Rihanna Spotted At Berlin Biennale

Passers by the Kunst-Werke Institute For Contemporary Art in Berlin will notice something special there: a giant sculpture of Rihanna’s decapitated body. Aside from her magnificent figure, the synthetic corpse’s likeness is easily recognizable thanks to the pop singer’s iconic tattoos, but the face painted to its chest doesn’t bear much resemblance to her own. … Continued

Documentary Launch Of Recording In A Jungle Studio

Last year, Electronic Beats’ all-seeing gaze on cool projects happening in the world of electronic music led us to reporting on an awesome jungle studio tucked an hour away from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Modeselektor, Daedalus and Kode 9 all made pit-stops at the eco-resort studio facility, and earlier this year the organizers launched a further initiative titled SoundLab Southeast Asia, … Continued

Moderat Are Back With A Sick Video For Newest Single

Berlin electronic supergroup Moderat has revealed a brand new video to their latest single “Running” from the album III, which was released only last month and discussed in our recent interview with Gernot Bronsert. The collaboration between Berlin royalty Modeselektor and Apparat is over a decade steeped in records, and the new track continues their propulsive intertwining of club … Continued

The Future Of Virtual Reality In The Music Business

This month, leading virtual reality technology company Oculus VR will begin shipping orders of Rift, the first headset aimed at consumer markets. Its release has critical implications for the entertainment and music industries, but it follows over half a decade of failed attempts and heated debate over virtual reality. The technology was first used in the … Continued

Go Behind The Scenes Of Björk’s “Black Lake” Video

Virtually every Björk music video is a masterpiece. Take those from her most recent album, Vulnicura, for example: one was shot in her mouth, another came as a 360-degree virtual reality app experience and a third, “Black Lake”, was an eerie cinematic depiction of loss shot in an empty Icelandic landscape. The Creators Project has … Continued

Stream The First Track From Moderat’s ‘III’

Here it is: the first single from Moderat‘s upcoming LP III. ” Reminder” is almost solely centered around Apparat’s voice, while Modeselektor underpine it with a steady thriving beat. The single will drop on February 19th on vinyl in two versions: one comes with an exclusive B-side track called “Fondle”—the other comes with reworks from Special Request and Answer … Continued Went Skydiving With Moderat

It could be argued that Moderat—the trio of Modeselektor and Apparat—is a squad that goes to great lengths and heights for electronic music. And they certainly went to great heights when they agreed to take along while they leapt out of a plane. If you haven’t seen that Slices episode already, you’re missing out … Continued

Celebrity Death Match: Aphex Twin Vs. Jamie xx

The 2016 edition of the Brit Awards is swiftly approaching, and some of electronic music’s most beloved mavericks have landed nominations. Probably the tightest competition is in the British Male Solo sector, where Aphex Twin is competing against Jamie xx, plus Calvin Harris, James Bay and Mark Ronson. Jamie xx and James Bay are also battling for Best Album in the company of Adele, Florence and … Continued

Moderat Announce New Album To Be Released In April

Moderat, the supergroup consisting of Modeselektor and Apparat, will release a new album on first of April. The record, III, marks their first outing since their last album II in 2013. The album was “made of blood, sweat and tears,” writes Moderat. They also announced their spring tour. Check out the dates here.

Addison Groove Mixes Footwork Fire

Addison Groove is known for his UK-centric take on Chicago footwork, with releases on Swamp81 and the soon-to-shutter 50Weapons label.

Marcel Dettmann, Shed, and More Feature on 50Weapons’ Final Releases

As you’ve probably been made aware by now, Modeselektor are closing down their 50Weapons label at the end of 2015. Now, details have emerged of the final entries into its catalog: a string of EPs from some of its best-known affiliates, including Shed, Marcel Dettmann, Zenker Brothers, Rødhåd, Bambounou, Margaret Dygas, Monolake, and Benjamin Damage. … Continued

R Is For Roland (EB.TV Feature)

Electronic Beats TV presents a special feature that presents the story behind R IS FOR ROLAND. Michal Matlak (aka Analog Roland Orchestra) served as the book’s central author, and alongside illustrator and photographer Tabita Hub he created an epic book dedicated to some of the classic Roland instruments that have played an integral role in … Continued

Funkstörung (10 Year Slices Anniversary Feature)

After 10 years of separation, Funkstörung are back in business and Electronic Beats TV has the scoop! This is a particularly notable reunion, not only because it coincides with the 10th anniversary of Slices, but also because Chris De Luca and Michael Fakesch were the very first artists filmed in the series. Over the course … Continued

21 Years Mouse on Mars (EB.TV Feature)

Andi Toma and Jan St.Werner a.k.a. Mouse On Mars have been doing it their way since day one of a 21-year career. With numerous albums and remixes in the bank it was time to celebrate, and Electronic Beats TV was lucky enough to be there for the ride. Tune into this Slices Feature to see … Continued

Dark Sky (EB.TV Feature)

Dark Sky’s early productions mined dubstep-related caverns, their Monkeytown album “Imagin” delivered eclectic electronics that ranked among Electronic Beats TV’s best-of 2014 picks. That’s reason enough to give the guys their very own feature, which was filmed in Berlin’s Tempodrom during the group’s appearance at Modeselektor’s Monkeytown Fest.


For this edition of EB.TV New Faces on Electronic Beats TV, we paid a visit to Brighton-based multi-instrumentalist Alex Banks in his studio. Previously most familiar perhaps to Ninja Tune fans through his remixes for Bonobo and Andreya Triana and his award-winning DJ mix for Ninja Tune’s Solid Steel series, Banks is set to release … Continued

Jon Hopkins meets Moderat (EB.TV Feature)

This edition of Slices on Electronic Beats TV pairs two of the most popular names in contemporary electronic music: Jon Hopkins and Moderat. Both the trio composed of Modeselektor and Apparat, with their album II on Monkeytown, and Hopkins, with Immunity on Domino Records, caused an international sensation in 2013—making it on to everybody’s year-end … Continued

Video Flashback: Moderat

Watch a special YouTube playlist featuring our favorite Moderat moments taken from the EB vaults, including a Slices feature from 2010 and Modeselektor live in Budapest from 2012. Everything in Moderat-ion.

Electronic Beats Video Highlights 2012

2012 was an exciting year; from a New Order Exhibition to an exclusive Pet Shop Boys Show, we’ve done it all—and we even filmed most of it! This is an audiovisual journey, so let’s just drop some names and then lean back and watch: Squarepusher, Hot Chip, Dillon, Modeselektor, I Heart Sharks, Woodkid, Hudson Mohawke, … Continued

Electronic Beats Festival Zagreb 2012

  “This is important! This is more than important! This is our youth!”, Dillon screams into my ear. “You have to write that in your review, this is the future!” Standing on the right corner of the huge stage, hidden by the massive speakers, Dillon was referring to Hot Chip’s ongoing live performance at Zagreb’s … Continued

Interview: Mostly Robot

Mostly Robot isn’t your usual band. Instead, they were ‘curated’ by Native Instruments. We caught up with Jeremy Ellis, Jamie Lidell, Tim Exile, Mr Jimmy and DJ Shiftee backstage at Budapest’s Electronic Beats Festival to find out about their live show, what their future plans are and what their origin story means for the future of music.

Review: EB Festival Budapest

Yesterday night the Electronic Beats Festival blossomed in Budapest. Hungary’s capital is divided by the Danube river into two parts: Buda and Pest. Over in Buda, cultural complex Millenaris hosts a crowd of 1200 young and chatty people, waiting anxiously for the bands—who started on time at 9 pm.

The Radio Sessions – Electronic Beats On Air with Shed on FluxFM

This week’s guest in the Electronic Beats Radio Sessions studio is the inimitable Shed. Fresh from making the switch from Ostgut Ton to the Modeselektor-run 50 Weapons (which you can read about right here) the techno doyen is riding out a high right now. His third LP The Killer, released last month, has clocked up rave reviews from … Continued

Electronic Beats Festival brings beats to Budapest

A few weeks ago, we dropped the first bit of news about the Electronic Beats Fall festival season, which has already kicked off with our showcase at Poland’s OFF Festival. Our time in Poland was filled with fantastic shows and good times, and we’re looking forward to spreading that love in other cities very soon. … Continued

Electronic Beats Festival returns to Zagreb

We don’t know about you, but following a brilliant 2011 event we’re already anticipating our return to Zagreb. The Electronic Beats Festival is set to touch down in the city on October 26, 2012, with a line-up bristling with cutting edge acts. We can reveal that the headliners will be the mighty Hot Chip. Following … Continued

Mostly Robot: five musicians, one sound

  Those loitering in the middle of the soul enthusiasts/gear geeks Venn diagram, your time to rejoice has come. Soul boy and sometime experimentalist Jamie Liddell has gone and formed a supergroup. Called Mostly Robot, the lineup also features four other likeminded sonic provocateurs including Warp’s Tim Exile, DMC champ Shiftee, MPC botherer Jeremy Ellis … Continued

Melt! Festival highlights

We had a pretty intense time at this year’s Melt! Festival. This was thanks partly to our extracurricular activities (which we’ll get to in a moment) but largely thanks to a fantastic lineup: surrounded by favorites like AlunaGeorge, Todd Terje, Chairlift, Zola Jesus and Squarepusher, we just felt overwhelmed by the amount of things to … Continued

Free VIP tickets will MELT! your heart

Experienced festival goers know all about it: Melt! festival, the annual gathering of open air music fans from all over the world at Gräfenhainichen’s ‘city of steel’ Ferropolis. Not only does this three-day-festival (July 13-15, 2012) have a one-of-a-kind location next to abandoned bucket-wheel excavators, stackers, and bucket chain excavators, but it also has a … Continued

Easter Egg Vol. 1: EB Radio

Intuition tells us you potentially take offense at being inundated with images of multi-pastelled eggs and bunny rabbits. We feel the same. Nevertheless, in keeping up with our pan-religious agenda (re: last December’s 8 classic Kraftwerk Hanukkah album reviews/month-long post-sundown Ramadan postings), we’re proud to present to you our Easter Special – an in-depth look … Continued

10 x 4 – Funk Guru

Neno Bari? aka Funk Guru doesn’t need an extended introduction to Croatian readers. As one of the co-funders of CFSN crew, Funk Guru has been active on the electronic music scene for more than ten years now. He started out as a DJ but soon became one of the scene carriers (he picked his artist … Continued

With Spring, comes Springfestival

Forget about lilies of the valley or whatever comes to your mind when you think about spring. From now on and until the end of time your first association with spring should be Springfestival, where the first warm shafts of sunlight bask upon your pale winter skin. Like years past the list of artists featured … Continued

Del Rey is a bag

Lana, again. The poptress of the moment is the latest starlet to inspire a Mulberry design. The new bag comes in a variety of styles and will be available in May for £630. The 25-year-old singer, who was a front-row guest at the brand’s runway show in London yesterday, later performed at the Saville Club … Continued

Make your Mecca Melt!

Oh summer festivals! You know we love the festival season and there simply can’t be more fun than working on a festival review, whilst getting ecstatic on the dancefloor. Every summer we look forward to one extraordinary festival which is held close to Berlin, in Gräfenhainichen’s industrial park Ferropolis. It’s the MELT! festival aka the … Continued

EB Exclusive: Mouse On Mars Mix

Over the course of ten albums (excluding their collaboration with Mark E. Smith as Von Südenfeld) Jan St. Werner and Andi Toma of Mouse On Mars established themselves as two of the most innovative artists in electronic music. But since they delivered their acclaimed Varcharz album back in 2006, there has been an epic silence. … Continued

Club Transmediale starts today!

Last year we thought we’d seen the biggest line-up yet for CTM festival. But the thirteenth edition – CTM.12 – comes with an even bigger, better and musically broader bill than previous years. The 2012′ Club Transmediale festival starts today and will take place at various venues across the city until February 5th. One of our … Continued

Benjamin Damage & Doc Daneeka Interview

Doc Daneeka and Benjamin Damage are two British producers who have linked up with Berlin based Modeselektor to release their album THEY! Live on the duo’s 50Weapons label. Daneeka is also the man behind the cult-club label 50 Yen but we were first introduced to both producers at our Electronic Beats Modeselektor editorial take-over party. … Continued

Benjamin Damage and Doc Daneeka live with 50 Weapons

The EB office still looks a bit messy (cigarette stubs on the floor and the like). Back in October 2011 we invited Modeselektor over to the EB office for a website takeover and a little party at the end of the day. You might remember, we had UStream going that night! Alongside Shed and Phon.O, … Continued

2011 Editor’s Picks: Alexandra

Another year, another list and a chance to share what we thought were some of the highlights of 2011. Here editor Alexandra Droener picks her favourite moments from a momentous year. 2011 in music. Did this actually happen? This was one of those rather uneventful years that could not be characterized by departures or paradigm … Continued

Electronic Beats – 2011 Review

Welcome to the final round up of the year as we take a look at what happened in the world of Electronic Beats over the last 12 months with change and rejuvenation, unforgettable live music experiences, and in depth cultural exchanges. 2011 began with a new outlook and a fresh perspective. In April our beloved … Continued

Electronic Beats Recommends Apparat Band in review

It was one hour in to the first of three highly anticipated Berlin shows from Apparat, when the young man passed out. The bass was heavy, the air a bit stuffy and the young man got a bit too excited. No worries, he soon recovered shortly after but it seemed as if this incident was … Continued

Massive Attack #Occupy Radio

Massive Attack never were your regular electronic pop act. Though they never seemed explicitely leftist, they pressed their point now and then – for example in 2007, when they joined the Hoping Foundation in support of Palestinian children. Times are rough these days, the #Occupy movement is facing the international financial institutions, and Massive Attack … Continued

Mouse On Mars new on Monkeytown

Over the last decade, Mouse On Mars have become one of the leading names in European electronic music: releasing an inspired blend of IDM, krautrock, disco, and ambient sounds with a heavy dollop of analog synth. Now news has appeared that the duo will be joining the highly remarkable Berlin-based label Monkeytown. Home to the … Continued

King Midas Sound EB Takeover: Begin!

A few weeks ago, Modeselektor invaded our offices and tricked them out into a party so sick the wallpaper literally fell off. We’re extremely excited to bring you our second EB Takeover by King Midas Sound! The experimental dancehall / dubstep crossover trio will be updating our website all day long with exclusive content, the … Continued

Electronic Beats Festival Bratislava 2011 in review

Electronic Beats has just returned to Slovakia’s capital for the third time, and it turned out better than ever! In the past two instalments the walls of Bratislava’s clubs were shaken by rave legends Underworld and Prodigy – and the nightlife hungry masses rejoiced. This time, Bratislava was treated to concerts by Lamb, Apparat Band … Continued

Download Thom Yorke from the Boiler Room

The last Boiler Room went straight through the roof. Not that the London based live streaming party hadn’t already built up a huge reputation, but Radiohead singer Thom Yorke joining for a dj set might have been the most prominent guest spinning at a Boiler Room so far. Next to sets by Jamie xx, Illum … Continued

Masters at Work: Bo Kondren and the team at Calyx Mastering studios

The beauty of modern production lies in the abundance of choice. Artists, producers and engineers currently enjoy a degree of freedom previously unavailable in the history of recorded sound. This freedom, to determine exactly how sonic ideas are committed, preserved and ultimately transmitted opens, not unlike a Pandora’s box, a gateway to some of the … Continued

Kochklopse and other specialties

1 Königsberger Klopse In the old GDR the word Königsberg ( König means King) was quite a no-no. This traditional Prussian dish was then called Kapern Klopse or Kochklopse to keep the socialist minds (and stomachs) free of monarchistic ideas whatsoever. Watch how this American mum cooks Modeselektor’s favourite Klopse. 2 Würzfleisch mit original Dresdener … Continued

VideoSLKTR – Check out some epic MDSLKTR videos!

This week’s V I D E O D R O M E has been manipulated by MODESELEKTOR! That means you wont find this week’s best videos, but the best videos from the German duo. We gotta admit that few electronic music outfits have as successfully managed to combine humour, sophistication and sheer block-rocking energy in … Continued

Lighting up the Dark Sky

Little is known of this ominously-named trio, though I hear they like to work into the dead of night and are fond of bedroom beats. They have been working double time recently to produce finer remixes and more original tracks, their production is now more pristine than it’s ever been. They are currently signed to … Continued

10 x 4 – Busdriver

Busdriver has been rapping, writing and producing music since the early nineties. A punk ethic and a DIY approach has seen him release a record with Deerhoof, collaborate with dozens of underground rappers and DJ’s, and now guest star on the track ‘Pretentious Friends’ from Monkeytown – the new album from Modeselektor, who in their … Continued

Boysnoize Records has a new Driver

Boysnoize Records (BNR) was founded by Boys Noize aka Alex Ridha in the year 2005. Launched by Ridha in order to retain his full artistic freedom while releasing his own music under Boys Noize as well as under different monikers (Puzique, Einzeller, Eastwest) BNR became a home for multidirectional quality electronic music. Now BNR has … Continued

Slices Issue 3-11 Out Now

The latest edition of Slices is now available and here is a little reminder of what’s in store. Firstly we travel to London to get the low down with post-bass darlings Mount Kimbie – missing the London riots by a matter of days! We then travel to Austria to meet probably one of the best … Continued

Slices Issue 3-11 out soon!

Just three weeks to go until the new Slices Issue hits the shelves. Firstly we travel to London to get the low down with post-bass darlings Mount Kimbie – missing the London riots by a matter of days! We then travel to Austria to meet probably one of the best live techno bands – Elektro … Continued

Electronic Beats music swap

The first half of 2011 has already been very exciting for the Electronic Beats staff: we’ve been to SXSW festival in march, hosted EB festivals in Cologne, Budapest and Prague, brought our exclusive EB Soirées to Berlin, Graz and Cologne – and finally welcomed our shiny new website last week. But this isn’t the end … Continued

SBTRKT – The Man in the Mask

I’m talking to the man in the mask. The man who is making the world a better place with bass, beats electrified hooks and on-point vocals. From the early days of Brain Math and Ramp Recordings to his self-titled debut album with those Young Turks, SBTRKT (pronounced subtract) has never failed to do anything but … Continued

Apparat – Exclusive track for download

Apparat will be releasing his sixth studio album this September – the first on his new label – Mute. The Devil’s Walk has been created using a acoustic palette of sounds that are a radical departure from his previous solo material and collaborations with the likes of Modeselektor as Moderat. As a special treat for … Continued

Apparat: My Top 3 Sascha Ring Tracks

Known as Apparat and now and again also as Moderat (in collaboration with Modeselektor), Sascha Ring has been putting smiles on the faces of party people for 10 years now. I got to know and appreciate him after a gig at the long since closed Cabaret Renz and began my mission to get my hands … Continued

Apparat – Because music is my life

Sascha Ring is hardly a novice on the music scene – music has been a constant presence in his life for the last fifteen years. Arriving at the dawn of the new millennium with his album Multifunktionsebene that was released on Shitkatapul – a stable he co-owns with T.Raumschmiere – Apparat’s ouvre subsequently appeared on … Continued

Electronic Beats Festival in Cologne: a recap

What a night! Electronic Beats returned to Cologne with this year’s Electronic Beats Festival, joined by live acts Holy Ghost!, Planningtorock, Nouvelle Vague and Animal Collective as well as our lovely djs Ada and Modeselektor. The EB staff would like to thank all the artists and of course you, the lovely people of Cologne. In … Continued