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Rewind: Deadmau5 – “Strobe”

In the first edition of our new “Rewind” column, we take a look back at one of the most important records of the late-’00s/early-’10s EDM movement.

Rewind To ’94 With This Classic UK Jungle Documentary

In October 1994, a French television crew travelled to London to report on the then flourishing UK jungle and drum & bass community. The documentary goes behind the scenes to talk to the bookers, label heads and musicians who were helping to keep the burgeoning scene alive. It perfectly captures the speed and hustle of the producers and … Continued

Rewind with El-B’s Classic 2-Step and UK Garage Mix

Here at the EB office we’ve been battling the pre-winter Berlin blues with skippy, swinging beats, woodblock percussion, wobbly basslines and choppy R&B samples—in other words, plenty of oldskool 2-step and UK garage, London-style. One of the most important producers of this mid-to-late 90s era was El-B—a name the god Burial likes to name check as a major … Continued

Kelela Reveals “Rewind” Video

Fade to Mind’s R&B rep Kelela has given a track off her upcoming Hallucinogen EP the visual treatment. The video features theLA-based vocalist dancing her way through multi-colored rooms, and was directed by Eric K Yue. Watch it in full here before the record—which features collaborations with Kingdom and Arca—lands via Warp on October 9.

Blind Test: 90s Drum ‘n’ Bass / Jungle (Electronic Beats TV)

For this, the fifth episode of our widely popular Electronic Beats TV Blind Test series we have a nice Line-up of well know artists and new talents. Fabio, Bailey, Klute, Tim Reaper, Djinn and DJ MUSTBETRUE play our favourite electronic music guessing game. We’re rewinding back to the 90s for some Drum ’n’ Bass and … Continued

Party Like It’s 1999 With Prince’s Personal Playlist

This playlist was put together by Prince himself for an episode of the FOX sitcom “New Girl” starring Zooey Deschanel. In the episode, the protagonists (aka the luckiest people ever) are invited to a party thrown by Prince. Last week, an editor who was working on the show posted a tweet and said that Prince … Continued

Go Virtual Cratedigging For Hip-Hop Classics

Nostalgic for hip-hop’s golden era? If, unlike Trevor Jackson, you don’t have an extensive collection of records to take you back, a new site called Digging Into Hip Hop is aiming to “simulate the experience of digging for ’90s classics” from the comfort of your own home. Creator Valentin Ledrapier is calling is an “experimental … Continued

The Genealogy Of Vocals In Club Music

This mix by frequent Electronic Beats contributor Finn Johannsen draws a genealogy of vocals in club music from 1983 to 1986. Check out the comprehensive tracklist below, and then dive into almost three hours of vocal greatness. We’re already excited for the next parts of the series. For more techno and house history, check out … Continued

Billboard Lists Best Dance Music Cities Of All Time

Billboard has compiled a list of  the best dance music cities of all time. Comparing some of the locales to make the final cut seems a lot like comparing apples and oranges, however. Chicago, Detroit and Berlin are certainly worthy of the first spots, but we’re curious about the criteria determining slots four through 15. Take a look … Continued

This Is How Italy Did Clubbing In The ’90s

Nostalgia is great, right? Remember the times when clubs were still real clubs? When sweat dripped from the ceiling and everyone wore ’90s clothes unironically? There were no smartphones, so your poor dance moves could remain safely hidden away—unless someone was running around with a huge camera to capture the whole ordeal on magnetic tape! … Continued

Kelela’s New Track Soundtracks Summer’s End

In the run-up to her new EP, Hallucinogen, Fade to Mind’s resident R&B vocalist Kelela has unveiled another track, “Rewind.” The record follows from her debut mixtape, Cut 4 Me, and foreshadows the LA artist’s first full-length effort. It was originally scheduled for release in May via Warp and Kelela’s own Cherry Coffee imprint, but is now due to … Continued

Eclectic Monday Vibes With Call Super’s Dekmantel Podcast

Ahead of his debut at Dekmantel festival, British producer Call Super steps up to contribute the newest edition to the lauded Amsterdam-based label and promoter’s podcast series. In his mix, he covers a lot of musical ground, which makes it perfect for an eclectic start into the week. Recently Call Super also talked about one of … Continued

Mike Skinner’s The Story of The Streets

Rock memoirs are a dime a dozen these days, although most of them are written (or ghost-written for that matter) by aging rock stars as a sentimental rewind of their faltering career. Mike Skinner is 33 and judging by his ‘sociological’ observations of modern Britain infused in his songs, The Story of The Streets might … Continued

10 x 4 – Mesak

Thanks to founders of the label Laton Anna Ceeh and Franz Pomassl, modern soul musician Mesak has been in town a couple of times now. I’ve always wanted to sit down with him and have a little chitchat about the music he produces, but each and every time one or the other of us was … Continued